Melon Vista Visor »Solid Blue«

€19.95 EUR

19% IVA inclusa, più spese di spedizione

Discover the Melon Vista Visor „Solid Blue“, a perfect blend of style and protection for your Melon Urban Active Helmet. This rich blue visor not only gives your helmet a unique touch but also provides important protection from sunlight. Thanks to the UV400 protection, your eyes are shielded even under strong sun, ensuring clear vision and comfort during your ride.

The „Solid Blue“ is distinguished by its innovative Impact Blocker, which ensures the visor is firmly anchored in the EPS of the helmet. This technology offers additional protection in the event of an impact by directing the impact energy straight into the helmet shell. This keeps you safe both on city streets and adventurous trails.

Overall, the Melon Vista Visor „Solid Blue“ is not just an aesthetic accent but a functional extension of your helmet. Available in six different colors, it allows you to customize your helmet to your personal style.

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Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and benefit from extra security thanks to our impact blocker!

How to mount your Vista Visor

Need help installing your Vista Visor? Watch this video for easy and fast instructions!

The perfect addon to any Urban Active Helmet!

Our Vista Visors can be easily mounted into any Melon Urban Active Helmet! Which color is your favorite?