Discover Your Style: E-Bike Helmets for the City

For the pulsating life in the city, where every meter counts and safety on two wheels is indispensable, we offer a collection of E-Bike helmets that not only protect but also underline your personal style. Our helmets are specifically designed for the urban space, where speed meets comfort and design is as important as safety. They are ideal for brisk commuter traffic, relaxed city tours, or adventurous trekking excursions.
Each of our helmets combines a lightweight construction with robust protection, allowing you to focus entirely on your ride. With adjustable fits that adapt to any head and a range of designs from simple to extraordinary, there's something for every taste!
A helmet from us is more than just protection – it's a part of your daily life on two wheels. Discover our variety and find the helmet that perfectly combines comfort and riding pleasure.

Discover the Perfect E-Bike Helmet for Your Next Adventure

When it comes to cycling in the city or exploring landscapes with your E-Bike, safety is at the forefront. But who says safety can't go hand in hand with style? This is exactly where our E-Bike helmets come in. Designed to combine protection and comfort with a touch of personality, our helmets offer everything you need for your rides.

Our helmets, like the Plastered White, are not just a statement of your personality but also a commitment to the highest safety. With features like excellent ventilation and special impact protection, you're well-equipped for long distances. The New York offers a sleek silhouette that fits particularly well with urban outfits, while the Real Melon provides extra visibility with its striking color.

For those who love the board as much as the pedal, we have a special selection of skateboard bicycle helmets. And to ensure your helmet is always in top condition, you'll find everything you need in our spare parts.

Choose a helmet that not only protects but also highlights your individual style. With a range of designs from simple and elegant to vibrant patterns, there's something for everyone. Make your next E-Bike adventure unique with a helmet as unique as you.

Safe on the Road with E-Bike Helmets

We live in an era where mobility is not just a question of moving from point A to point B but also of personal expression. Cycling, especially with an E-Bike, has become a popular choice for urban commuters and leisure cyclists. Safety comes first, of course, but why should style be sacrificed? Our E-Bike helmets combine both – the highest standards with a design that radiates personality.
Choosing the right helmet is crucial for optimal protection in city traffic and on tours. Our helmets are specifically designed for the requirements of E-Bike riders, who often achieve higher speeds than traditional cyclists. With optimal ventilation and robust impact protection, we offer you the best protection without any compromises.
Each of our helmets is unique, just like the people who wear them. From sporty to classic, to modern designs, our range has something for every taste and personality. The helmets are available in various sizes, with an adjustable fitting system that guarantees a perfect fit. This ensures the helmet is not only safe but also comfortable to wear.

How Do I Find the Right Size and Fit for My E-Bike Helmet?

The right size and fit are crucial for the effectiveness and wearing comfort of your helmet. Start by measuring the circumference of your head by placing a tape measure about 1 cm above your eyebrows around your head. This measurement gives you a good starting point for the helmet size.
During the fitting, the helmet should sit firmly without pressing and should not wobble or slip. Also, look for an adjustable retention system that allows you to fine-tune the fit, as well as sufficient padding for extra comfort. A well-fitting helmet remains securely in place even with movement, providing optimal protection at all times. For more detailed information, see this article.

A Helmet for Every Ride from Melon®

Whether you're darting through the city, covering long distances in the countryside, or seeking sporting challenges, our helmets are suitable for every type of adventure. The lightweight materials and carefully designed ventilation ensure you keep a cool head on long tours. Additionally, our Vista Visors helmet visors protect your eyes from wind and weather.
In the world of cycling, where every second counts and every kilometer presents a new challenge, our helmets are not just protection but a faithful companion on all your paths. A Melon helmet ensures you can focus on what's essential: your ride, your adventure.
With a variety of designs ranging from minimalist to striking patterns, you can choose your helmet to match your bike, your clothing, or your mood. Discover our wide range of E-Bike helmets now and find the perfect companion for your next tour. With Melon helmets, you're always well-equipped.

Can I Use My E-Bike Helmet for Other Sports?

The versatility of our helmets makes them the ideal companion for a range of activities. Although specifically designed for the requirements, thanks to their robust construction and effective protection, they are also excellent for classic cycling, skateboarding, or even light off-road adventures. We place great importance on ensuring our helmets are not only safe but also flexible for use in any adventure, ensuring you are always well-protected.