Urban Bike Helmets by Melon®

In the heart of the city, where life pulsates and every moment counts, our urban helmet accompanies you on every journey. They reliably protect and simultaneously perfect your look in every way. Each design speaks for itself, be it through vibrant colors or thoughtful fits that adapt to every head shape. Our helmets are lightweight, so you barely feel them, while still offering maximum protection to accompany you on all your paths.

We are particularly proud of the visibility and visual appearance of our helmets. They not only make you more visible in traffic but also enhance your personal style. Whether you're commuting to work, cruising through the city, or on your e-bike during the weekend – we have the right helmet for you.

Discover our variety of helmets for e-bike riders and skateboarders that combine safety with chic appearance.

At Melon, we understand that the perfect bike helmet is more than just protection. It is a statement, a part of your daily outfit and your active lifestyle. Therefore, we offer you a palette of designs, ranging from sleek and elegant to bold and striking. Each helmet is unique, just like you.

Urban Bike Helmets: The Perfect Companion for City Explorers

In the hustle and bustle of city traffic, it is essential to be not only safe but also stylish. Our selection of urban helmets is precisely designed to meet the pulse of the times while not losing sight of the highest standards. Developed for the dynamic life in the city, our helmets combine comfort and design to offer you the perfect companion for your daily adventures on two wheels.

With sizes from XXS to XXL, we guarantee a precise fit for every head, while our diverse designs – from sleek and elegant to vibrant patterns – ensure that your helmet is not just a protection but also an expression of your personal taste. The lightweight construction of our helmets ensures that you enjoy comfort on longer journeys without having to compromise on safety.

Our commitment to quality and design is reflected in every helmet we offer, giving you the freedom to explore the city in your own way. Whether you navigate through busy streets or choose relaxed paths in the park, our helmets always provide you with optimal equipment. Dive into our wide selection and find the urban helmet that not only protects your head but also matches your style.

Urban Helmets for the Modern City Nomad

In the pulsating rhythm of the city, where every corner holds a new adventure, it is essential to be not only mobile but also safe.
We understand that in this urban jungle, you are not just looking for protection but also want to make a statement. That's why we have designed our urban helmet collection to perfectly match your individual taste without compromising.

How do I choose the right urban helmet?

First, you should pay attention to the fit. A good helmet sits snugly but comfortably on your head, without pressing or slipping. Our helmets come with an adjustment system at the back of the head, allowing you to fine-tune the size for an optimal fit. Also, consider the weight of the helmet. A lightweight helmet significantly increases wearing comfort, especially on longer rides.
Another important aspect is ventilation. Good urban helmets offer an efficient ventilation system that prevents overheating and ensures pleasant cooling, even when you're in dense city traffic. Additionally, you should look for extra safety features such as integrated reflectors or a construction that offers extended protection in the back of the head area.

A Helmet from Melon for Every Tour

Whether you're winding through morning city traffic, taking a relaxed weekend tour, or simply covering everyday distances – our helmets offer you the optimal companion. Each model is designed to seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle while meeting the highest standards. The lightweight construction ensures that you almost forget you're wearing a helmet, while the thoughtful fit and innovative feature set guarantee every wearing comfort.
To find the urban helmet that suits you, we invite you to explore our diverse online range. Here, you can comfortably order from home and find the helmet that meets your requirements. Furthermore, our range of cycling visors expands your options to adapt the helmet to changing conditions and thus enhance the riding experience.

How can I ensure that my helmet fits correctly?

A properly fitting helmet is crucial for your safety and comfort. Follow our guide for correct helmet adjustment to ensure that your helmet fits optimally. It's important that the helmet sits firmly on the head without pressing. The chin strap should be adjusted so that it lies firmly but comfortably under the chin.
The helmet shell should encompass your head without wobbling, and the front should lie about two fingers' width above your eyebrows. Don't forget to adjust the side straps so that they run directly under the ears and form a stable V-holder. A correctly adjusted helmet not only increases your safety but also ensures a comfortable fit on every ride.