Melon Bicycle Helmet E-Series »Black Ice«

€99.95 EUR

incl. 19% VAT, plus shipping costs

Front- and Rearlight for high visibility

Extra safe thanks to reinforced shells

Integrated Visor blocks sunlight

Adjustable size with additional paddings

Discover the Melon Bike Helmet E-Series »Black Ice« – the urban half-shell helmet in elegant matte black with two glossy black stripes. This new helmet series from Melon brings fresh air into the world of bike helmets in 2024, combining proven technology with innovative features.

With the characteristic circular ventilation holes and the advanced Melon Airflow Channel System (MACS™), the E-Series offers optimal comfort and excellent ventilation. The 12 ventilation holes ensure that your head stays pleasantly cool even at high temperatures. Thanks to the infinitely adjustable Spin Dial, you can perfectly adjust the fit of the helmet.

A special highlight of the E-Series is the complete lighting. The powerful LED units on the front and back significantly increase your visibility at dusk and in the dark. The rear light has three modes (on, off, flashing), providing you with maximum safety in traffic. The integrated battery can be conveniently charged via a splash-proof USB-C port.

The Melon Bike Helmet E-Series »Black Ice« also impresses with other well-thought-out features: the patented Fidlock magnetic closure allows for easy, one-handed operation and prevents pinching of the skin. The reinforced EPS inner and outer shell ensures maximum safety and durability, while additional, breathable Coolmax pads in different thicknesses (5/8/12 mm) allow for individual adjustment.

Weighing less than 400 grams, the helmet is a real lightweight and yet extremely robust. The reflective bands and the short visor complete the thoughtful design and make the helmet the ideal companion for your urban lifestyle.

Experience the perfect combination of safety and style with the Melon Bike Helmet E-Series »Black Ice«. Ready for the next adventure in the city? Grab it and see for yourself the innovative quality and unique design of this helmet.


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For optimal visibility at dusk and in the dark


Re-Chargable rear light with USB-C port (cable included).
Can be used in 3 different modes (on/off/flashing)


Patented magnetic buckle for easy, one-handed operation with anti-pinch protection.


Ideal fit due to the infinitely variable Spin Dial in the back of the helmet.


Further customisation with additional, breathable Coolmax Pads (5/8/12mm).


durable EPS inner- and outer shell for maximum safety and extra long lifespan.

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