Buy bike helmets for kids online - Kids bike helmets from Melon

With a kids‘ bike helmet from Melon, little cyclists start out perfectly equipped and safe on two wheels.

Melon helmets are suitable for the youngest toddler (from 1 year), and children who get on their first own two-wheeler at the age of two or three. We have a range of helmets to protect your little passengers as well.

As your children grow, the Toddler helmet can be replaced by the Melon Urban Active in XXS and S sizes. The Urban Active range is then available in M or L sizes as youngsters grow.

Strong colours, cool designs, the perfect fit for every head, and top safety standards will convince you and your child about Melon.

Early practice...

Most children get to know a bicycle at the tender age of one year: in a trailer or the child seat when their when mum or dad go shopping, go on trips, or take them to the daycare centre. Although there is no helmet requirement for children on a bicycle in many countries, the little head should be kept safe. If the bicycle or trailer tips over, the head should be well protected.

This can be achieved with a well-fitting kid‘s bike helmet. Children quickly get used to a helmet. Those who wear a ‘lid’ when on a bike from the very beginning will not question it later, even at kindergarten and primary school age.

And Melon designs are ‘cool’ so kids will never suffer taunts or criticism from schoolfriends.

Kids may never take off their helmet!

In the shower and for sleeping, your child will probably want to take the Melon Toddler off. Maybe….

Melon helmets are designed so that children like to wear them. All the time. They are designed to fit perfectly with extra padding, adjustable straps, and a no-pinch  fastening. Cheeky rally stripes, cheerful dots, flags, or child heroes decorate the helmet. In the larger collections, the surfaces can be matt, feature cheeky fruits, and camouflage in different colour combinations. Bright colours ensure that your child is always clearly visible, even in poor light conditions, and a LED light adds extra visibility.

Melon Helmets are not just suitable for bikes.

Your child can also wear them when skating. The hard shells with the soft polystyrene inner shell also protect in case of a fall when using inline skates, roller skates, and skateboards.

Of course, your child at the age of three or four years will not yet be able to do the 360° flip at the top of the bowl in the skater park ... but many a ten-year-old will dare to go there.

It‘s good to know that the Melon children‘s bike helmet is also suitable for this!

Ultimately, it is all about safety.

Helmets that are approved for use on a bicycle within the EU must comply with the DIN EN 1078 standard. The test seal indicates that the helmet meets the safety requirements.

All Melon helmets, including toddler, kids and adult helmets exceed this standard.

A tested helmet can be a life-saver in the event of a bicycle accident, but in any event helps prevents permanent damage and injuries. The statistics say that about 37 percent of cyclists involved in an accident suffer head injuries. Of the sometimes severe brain injuries, about 80 percent could be avoided by wearing a bicycle helmet.

These accidents are not just suffered by beginners who are shaky on their bikes. They occur amongst everyone: children, teenagers and experienced adults as well as actual beginners.

The argument ‘But my child can already ride a bicycle and won‘t tip over’ is completely irrelevant. In most cases, it is not the cyclists who are to blame for the accident, but a car driver, pedestrians, free-roaming dogs, a truck or a bus.

By the way, every helmet can only withstand one severe fall. If your child has a heavy fall, please give him/her a new bicycle helmet. Even if you do not notice any visible damage to the helmet.

Bicycle helmets for children must fit well and be comfortable.

A helmet only protects your child‘s head if it fits perfectly. Melon helmets have an ingenious strap system that allows the helmet to be individually adjusted to the size and head shape of your child. The inner padding is removable and available in different sizes (Urban Active Only). So you can adjust the helmet even better to the head size of your child.

And if your child should ever sweat in the helmet (which the cleverly placed air holes and ventilation system hopefully prevent), you can simply remove the pads and wash them. The helmet‘s comfortable, pleasant fit is important. You wouldn’t wear a bike helmet that is uncomfortable. So why should your child? That’s what we believe at Melon!