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Bicycle helmets - Posh collection

Nowadays, cycling comes with a considerable risk of accidents, since road traffic increases and the possibility of a sudden crash grows with it. Furthermore, blind spots, edges or objects on the pavement (such as construction sites) cause stress, which can lead to crashes in the worst case. For that reason, it is important to wear a helmet that protects the head from severe injuries in case of an impact with hard surfaces. Even riding with presumably slow speed of 25 to 30 km/h can lead to falling, dangerous injuries and broken bones. To avoid head damages, you should wear a helmet for protection to decrease the intensity of a fall. You might be one of those cyclists who do not like wearing a helmet, since it can feel heavy and heat up quickly with rising temperatures. The helmets of the brand Melon offer you an alternative.

Bicycle helmets by Melon

Maybe, you are looking for a helmet that is 30 percent lighter and also air-permeable compared to standard bicycle helmets. You have found what you are looking for! Bicycle helmets from Melon, which come in various colours and sizes, not only offer excellent designs but also represent wearing comfort. This is accomplished through the so called „In-Mold-technology“, a special technique which decreases the weight and also makes it more resistant to impacts on hard surfaces. This way, the helmet not only guarantees increased safety but also prevents oppresive heaviness on your head, which can be onerous especially on warm days. Melon helmets are available in three basic sizes: The circumference of this head protection ranges from 46 to 63 centimeters. The Coolmax-Paddings, twelve air intakes, MACS air ducts as well as a magnetic fidlock buckle allow for a comfortable wear. Additionally, there are our Melon Vista Visors, which offer UV-400 protection on sunny days. Available in multiple colours.


Melon bicycle helmets stand for a „modern, urban, active“ application. They are suitable for everyday situations in the city as well as for classic touring around the countryside with lots of ascents or even mountainbiking. Here you can rely on a helmet with high wearing comfort that also protects you in worst case scenarios. The Melon ‘Urban Active Helmet’ has a robust polycarbonate form and comes in three sizes. Additional accessories include washable Coolmax padding (9,05 Euro) with fine-pored quality textile. A „Spin Dial“ (5,95 Euro) to adjust your sizing for a perfect fit. A chin pad that contributes to ideal cushioning of the lower head (4,95 Euro). On sunny days you can be protected by a Vista visor, which can be clipped on to your Melon helmet. The Fidlock magnetic buckle prevents painful pinching of the skin when connecting the chin strap.

If you have children the Melon Toddler collection is especially designed for children between 12 and 36 months. It is suitable for toddlers who are beginning to try cycles and scooters, or for those who are still passengers on a bike.

In the following you will be introduced to the helmets of the Posh collection:

Urban Active Posh Collection: These helmets combine an elegant design („posh“) with „urban“ applications. They are suitable for you if you are looking for a simply chic helmet with matt colours. We named each colour after a famous cosmopolitan city: The Urban Active Berlin has a light grey colour, the Urban Active London is mint green. The Urban Active Sydney is dark blue while the Urban Active Milan has a soft yellow colour. The Tokyo shines in a bright purple, Paris has a dark red colour and the New York features matte grey tones.

All helmets are available in size XXS to S (46 - 52 cm), M to L (52 - 58 cm) and XL to XXL (58 - 63 cm).

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Melon helmets combine the highest safety standards with award-winning designs to deliver a unique line of helmets for urban mobility. With over 40 exceptional designs, ranging from clean and simple to colorful and crazy, we give you all the tools you need to express yourself.

Melon® »Urban Active« helmets offer a variety of safety features that ensure a safe, comfortable but also stylish ride - whether on a bicycle, skateboard or e-bike!
Available in 3 sizes and further adjustable through our breathable Coolmax Pads (5/8/12mm).