A well-fitting bicycle helmet is essential to ensure your safety on the road. A fall from your bike can have serious consequences, but a well-fitting bicycle helmet can significantly reduce the risk of head injuries. But how do you choose the right helmet and make sure it fits perfectly? In this article, you'll get all the important information you need to find the ideal Melon helmet for your next bike ride.

The importance of the right fit

The right fit is crucial to ensure the best possible protection. A helmet that is too big can slip while riding, while one that is too tight can be uncomfortable and cause headaches. So choosing the correct helmet size is an important safety consideration.

Measuring the circumference of your head

To determine your helmet size, it is best to use a flexible tape measure. Place the tape measure about 2 cm above your eyebrows and run it around your head. Make sure the tape measure is straight around your head so that you do not get a wrong reading (see illustration). Then write down your measurement and compare it with our size chart. You can find it here.

How to measure your headsize

If you are between 2 different sizes of Melon Urban Active helmets, we recommend that you choose the larger size first. If your head circumference is 58 cm, for example, it would be advisable to choose a helmet in size XL-XXL. If you have chosen the wrong size, please contact us and we will exchange the helmet for the right size.

Fitting the helmet

The helmet should sit firmly on your head and not allow any sideways or front-back movement. It should also not be uncomfortable to wear. You can easily adjust the size of the helmet using the additional Coolmax® pads supplied. If you need help, you can check the recommended pad sizes for each head circumference in our size chart. Of course, these are not mandatory, so you can adjust your helmet to fit you most comfortably. The adjustment dial at the back of the helmet also allows you to adjust the fit continuously.

If you would prefer to try out the helmet in a bike shop before ordering, you can find a Melon partner near you using our dealer locator.

Comfort is key

A helmet should not only be safe, but also comfortable. The low weight of the helmet, as well as the 12 ventilation openings, ensure a comfortable feeling even on long rides. Our additional pads are cuddly soft and washable at 30°C to ensure long-term, hygienic use. In addition, you can adjust our reflective straps so that the helmet sits comfortably on your head. With our optional winter kits, you can winterise your helmet in no time at all and use it comfortably and safely even in cold temperatures.

The right design

Last but not least, a bicycle helmet not only has to be functional, it also has to look good. With over 50 different designs, we offer the right helmet for every taste. You like it plain and monochrome? Then take a look at our elegant Posh collection. If you're looking for something a little more unusual, you're sure to find the perfect design in our All Stars collection - whether it's a Watermelon, a billiards ball or flowers, there's something for everyone.

Since we don't want the little ones to miss out either, we have recently added a collection of special kid's helmets with child-friendly designs to our range. Unicorns, pirates or monsters make children's hearts beat faster.

Have YOU already found your favourite design? Take a look at all our designs here.

Protect yourself and your head and choose an attractive, lightweight and safe bike helmet from Melon - Make safety fun!

28 junio 2023 — Marcel Ciesielski
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