El caco para niños Melon® representa la más alta calidad de protección contra los impactos en la cabeza para niños mayores de 12 meses mientras montan en una bicicleta de equilibrio, en una bicicleta, en patines, en patines en línea o en monopatines (solo en la UE).

IMPORTANT: A helmet can only function as designed when it is worn correctly, has been adjusted to fitted the users head and is carefully fastened. However, it is not possible to guarantee that a helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. Melon® Toddler Helmets are tested and certified to surpass the current official safety standards.

CAUTION! This helmet should not be used by children while climbing or doing other activities where there is a risk of hanging or strangulation if the child gets trapped whilst wearing the helmet. We encourage you to make certain that your child removes the helmet before playing on or in Playgrounds, or similar areas. Please make sure to read this user manual in its entirety before use. These instructions build an integral part of the product. This is why we encourage you to keep these instructions as well as the original packaging in safe keeping, should questions arise at a later stage. 


Artículo: Casco Melon® para niños
Tamaño: XXS (44-50cm)


The Melon® Toddler helmet can only protect optimally if it fits your child properly (fig. 2), and when the chin strap is closed while the helmet is worn. The helmet should only be selected if it is tight and comfortable at the same time. The helmet must not slip during movement. Take the helmet in the correct helmet size, loosen all the straps to the maximum width and place the helmet on your toddler’s head.

Now, you can adjust the chin strap and gently tighten the X-Fix straps evenly on the left and right side to prevent the helmet from slipping forward. 


The helmet should surround the head easily, and should be worn level. The front helmet edge should sit one to two fingers widths above the bridge of the nose (Fig. 2). It is easy to check if the helmet fits correctly. All you have to do is leave the chinstrap unclosed and gently move your kid‘s head. If the helmet moves, we recommend adjusting the divider lock system.


Open all straps (including those on the Melon® Divider Locks) so that the X-Fix system does not affect the adjustment process. Open the Melon® Divider Locks (Fig. 3c) and put your helmet on your child’s head. First adjust the front strap, which should be located underneath the chin, to the correct length. Leave approximately a finger-wide space between the belt and the chin of your child. To shorten the strap, pull it through the magnetic buckle’s strap loop. To lengthen it, pull the buckle further down. Then close the Fidlock® magnetic buckle.

After you’ve adjusted the front strap, the adjustment of the side straps follows. Position the Melon® Divider Locks (Fig. 3b) in a way that neither the strap nor the Divider Locks touch the ears. To do this, simply slide the Divider Lock up or down into the correct position. When you find the right position, close the divider lock. When adjusting the length of the side straps they must be pulled to the correct length at the same time if possible (Fig. 2). To do this, pull the straps on the side to the back until they are tight.

Be aware that after the adjustment of the side straps the front strap might get too short. If necessary adjust the length of the front strap again. Another advantage of the Melon® X-Fix: After the first adjustment, only the front strap length has to be adjusted each time (of course, the correct setting of all other straps must be checked). After you have made all the settings on the helmet and closed the magnetic buckle, the helmet must feel comfortable and should not slide backwards or forwards.


Your Melon® Toddler helmet is equipped with the Melon® X-Fix. It is a patented strap system for greater protection, safety, and comfort. X-Fix prevents the helmet from rolling off and distributes forces optimally to protect the rear head if impacted. Due to the crosswise guidance of the straps at the neck they tighten automatically with increasing forces. In addition, lockable X-Fix gliders on the sides secure a correct helmet adjustment to prevent misadjustment. X-Fix also secures the helmet shell in the correct horizontal position.

The Melon® tail light is integrated into the X-Fix-Wing, which crosses the straps at the back of the head. The integrated tail light comes with three different modes. The setting “flashing” is preferable to continuous lighting for energy-saving reasons. If the battery needs to be replaced, gently push the Melon® tail light out of the X-Fix Wing and loosen the screws on the back of the light (Fig.3b). Replace the battery with a new one and re-tighten the Melon® rear light screws properly so that no moisture can get inside. 


  • La luz trasera LED no reemplaza el equipo de iluminación de las bicicletas requerido por el StVZO alemán (§ 67).
  • La luz trasera LED proporciona una mejor visibilidad cuando se utiliza correctamente. 
  • La luz trasera LED no debe utilizarse en clima lluvioso, ya que su funcionalidad en condiciones de humedad no está garantizada.
  • Tenga en cuenta que la luz trasera LED puede estar oculta o ser invisible debido al uso de un cuello, una mochila o los movimientos de la cabeza.
  • Tenga en cuenta que la pila de la luz trasera LED puede fallar o vaciarse. Por lo tanto, compruebe la funcionalidad de la luz con regularidad.
  • The batteries should not be exposed to excessive heat such as sunshine, fire or the like. Battery replacement should only be performed by adults. Incorrect battery replacement may cause a risk of explosion. Replacement of the battery should only be with the same or equivalent battery type.
  • Evite que su hijo mire directamente a la luz LED.
  • La luz trasera LED no es un juguete y solo debe ser utilizada por niños bajo la supervisión de un adulto.
  • If the battery leaks, avoid skin contact. This leads to skin irritations. Leaking batteries must be disposed of immediately.


  • Antes del primer uso: presione el botón de encendido en la luz para ver si funciona bien antes de usar.
  • Functions: The LED rear light has three different functions, depending on your preference can be applied: press once – flashing light, press twice – steady light, press 3 times – light off
  • Cambio de batería: la luz trasera LED ya está equipada con una pila CR 1632 (3V) cuando se compra.
    Para cambiar esta pila, retire la pequeña caja transparente del casco. En el reverso de la caja pequeña,
    puede sacar la pila y reemplazarla por una nueva. Observe la polaridad correcta de la pila. Tipo de pila: CR 1632
  • Limpieza y cuidado: la carcasa de la luz trasera LED se puede limpiar con un paño húmedo.
  • Desechar: no deseche las pilas vacías en la basura doméstica, sino en contenedores de recolección designados.


Depending on use, care and maintenance, the time to replace a helmet is difficult to calculate or predict, but we recommend that a replacement helmet should be purchased between 3 and 5 years of use. Should any part of the shell be broken or have sharp indentations, or show obvious signs of wear, then the helmet must be replaced as it is no longer fit for use. When storing this helmet, make sure it is stored safely, so that it can’t be damaged or potentially hurt others through falling or entanglement. When storing, protect from direct sunlight and weather influences. We advise strongly for your own safety to only use original parts.


Clean this helmet only with a mild detergent and warm water or a damp cloth. The Coolmax® pad sets can be machine washed with a gentle detergent at 30˚C. These must be drip dried at room temperature.


Por favor, lleve su casco a una instalación de desechos apropiada al final de su vida útil. La compañía de eliminación en el lugar debe responder a las preguntas que usted pueda tener sobre la el desecho en sí.


  • Los cascos Melon® para niños no están diseñados para usarse con bicicletas/ciclomotores/scooters a gasolina o vehículos clasificados como motocicletas.
  • Antes de salir, asegúrese siempre de que la correa del mentón esté cerrada.
  • Para obtener la máxima protección, el casco debe colocarse y fijarse correctamente a la cabeza del usuario de acuerdo con las instrucciones de montaje del fabricante.
  • The helmet is not to be painted or have stickers stuck on it surface. This is because the helmet may be damaged and rendered ineffective by petroleum products, cleaning agents, paints or adhesives without the damage being visible to the user.
  • The helmet should be checked in regular intervals for damage. Small indentations and scratches on the surface however should not reduce the overall protective effect, if not affected by severe blow.
  • El casco está diseñado para absorber el choque por la destrucción parcial de la cáscara y el revestimiento. Estos daños pueden no ser visibles. Por lo tanto, si se somete a un golpe fuerte, el casco debe ser destruido y reemplazado aunque parezca no estar dañado.
  • Al reparar (¡daños reparables!) cualquier parte del casco, ¡utilice solo piezas originales!
  • El casco no debe guardarse ni colgarse, colgándolo por la correa del mentón.
  • Su hijo debe evitar llevar debajo del casco: pañuelos, gorros, pelo largo en un moño, o similares, ya que esto podría provocar lesiones posteriores.
  • No se deben hacer fijaciones al casco excepto las recomendadas por el fabricante del casco.
  • ¡CUIDADO! Este casco no debe ser usado durante actividades en las que el riesgo de estrangulación es alto a través del agarre, como la escalada.


Al comprar un casco Melon® Urban Active has comprado un producto de alta calidad comprobada. Si nota algo que no está a la altura de nuestros altos estándares, entonces por favor, devuelva el casco tan pronto como sea posible a su distribuidor de confianza para un reembolso.