Offering a Front- and Rearlight, and more, for just 99.95€!


Because we believe that safety and style can go hand in hand.
No matter what gender or age. No matter if by bike or skateboard. We give you all the tools you need to add your personality to your ride.
And now it’s your time to show it.

Melon Helmets are super light, extra safe and beautifully designed for people who want to enjoy life and have fun.
Sound good? Join the family!



You love cycling, but you don't enjoy it in cold weather?
With our cosy and warm Winterkit, even wind and weather won't bother you!


Introducing the Melon Vista Visor - the perfect accessory for your Helmet.
Adds new levels of style and protects you from harmful UV rays!



What Helmet Size do I need?

Check out the Size chart here or click on the "WHAT SIZE DO I NEED?" Button on the product pages.

Can I use the Helmet for riding E-Bikes?

Yes you can! Melon Urban Active helmets are suitable for E-Bike riding under the CE EN-1078 norm. You can not use it for riding S-Pedelecs though!

How can I return the helmet?

To return the helmet, simply send it back to us!

The address is:
Melon World GmbH
Rellinghauser Straße 334H
45136 Essen

We will refund your order as soon as we have it.


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Buy Melon® bike helmets online

Melon offers a wide range of models and designs for you and the whole family. Every Melon helmet combines outstanding design with the highest safety standards. Our bicycle helmets protect you while cycling, but can also be used for skateboarding and other sports activities.

Protect yourself with a cool bike helmet from Melon.

Falls can happen at any time during sporting activities. On public transport, you are exposed to external influences that you cannot control. You should therefore wear the necessary safety equipment to protect yourself. Our head is a very vulnerable part of the body, so it should be especially protected. A hard impact without head protection can have fatal consequences.

That's why Melon skate and bike helmets offer the highest safety standards and full certification. Nevertheless, Melon Urban Active helmets are approximately 30% lighter than competitor products. This increases wearing comfort and distributes the impact load in the event of a fall. Each helmet can be precisely adjusted to the individual head circumference to guarantee a secure fit. These safety and comfort features are also fulfilled by the helmets for our youngest riders. Our toddler helmets protect your child's head perfectly. An additional LED light on the back of the helmet ensures good visibility in traffic.

One bike helmet - many designs.

Discover the Melon All Stars category. These bike helmets from the Urban Active collection are extremely creative and offer a wide variety of designs and colours to suit every individual character. From racing-oriented Beetle designs, splashes of colour and stick-on patches to classic monochrome versions, the whole family will find a helmet to suit their needs.

The Posh collection offers pleasant pastel colours. The bike helmets in this range look very modern and elegant and go perfectly with any outfit. The established Mosaique collection offers bike helmets for those who want to add a strong accent to their bike outfit with colourful shapes.

Our brand new Kids Collection with child-friendly designs such as dinosaurs, unicorns or pirates will make boys and girls want to wear their helmet around the clock! These helmets are designed to keep your little ones safe and stylish during their cycling adventures. Make safety fun with our playful and protective children's helmets in size XXS-S!

Trust in a strong brand - trust Melon®

Melon offers its customers innovative designs and excellent safety standards. Melon helmets have won numerous awards and tests from various international certification bodies, trade journals, consumer associations and product testers. Highlights include winning the RedDot Award for outstanding design and unique product features. An international committee of experts selected Melon as the winner of the award for its Urban Active helmets.

Community projects

Melon is actively involved in projects that benefit the environment and help communities. We were the official helmet partner of the RTL Spendenmarathon 2019.

Order your Melon bike helmet online.

Whether on a bike, skateboard, e-bike or scooter, Melon helmets are suitable for everyday use. Our different designs make them suitable for the whole family. This is Melon. Innovative design and the highest safety standards in every helmet. Take a look at the designers' ideas and decide which model you like best or best suits your bike. Our designs and colours are fresh, modern and eye-catching. This is particularly important for riding in traffic. With a Melon helmet, you not only protect yourself, but are also seen by other road users. This increases safety enormously. Melon helmets are light, cool and super comfortable, so you don't even notice you're wearing the helmet and are still very safe.