North Rhine-Westphalia offers cycling enthusiasts a multitude of breathtaking landscapes and picturesque routes to discover. Whether you want to take a relaxing bike ride through nature, explore historical sites or enjoy the big city - NRW has something for every cyclist. Here we present our personal top 5 routes in NRW - perhaps there's a cycle route near you for you too.

1. The Ruhrtal cycle path:

The Ruhr Valley Cycle Route stretches along the source of the Ruhr in Winterberg to where it flows into the Rhine near Duisburg. This 240-kilometre route takes you through a varied landscape with green meadows, idyllic riverbanks and impressive industrial monuments. For the perfect Ruhr Valley charm, you can also stop off along the way in cities such as Essen (home of the Melon Helmets), Dortmund and Bochum.

Man riding his Bicycle through a green park with trees wearing a Melon Helmet


2. Lake Aasee in Münster:

Münster is considered THE cycling capital of Germany and the Aasee lake is a perfect destination for a beautiful bike ride. Not only can you cycle along the Aasee, but you can also admire the many sculptures and works of art or take a detour to the idyllic Schlossgarten. You can also admire historic buildings, take a boat trip on the lake or simply enjoy an ice cream in the city.

3. The lower rhine route:

The Lower Rhine Route takes you through one of the most beautiful regions of NRW. It stretches more than 1200 km along the Rhine from Kleve to Krefeld and offers a mixture of picturesque landscapes, famous towns and cosy villages. You can explore the rich culture and history of the region and sample typical Lower Rhine specialities along the way.

Boy pushing his bike on a bike trail near a lake while wearing a green Melon Helmet


 4. Emscher Park Cycle Path:

The Emscher Park Cycle Route takes you 230km through the Ruhr region and the Emscher Landscape Park. This route combines industrial culture and nature in the heart of the Ruhr region. You pass renaturalised river courses, cycle along old railway lines and pass typical Ruhrpott highlights such as the Gasometer or the Zollverein colliery in Essen. This route is therefore perfect for both a day trip and an exploration tour lasting several days.

5 The Teutoburg Forest:

The Teutoburg Forest also has varied cycling routes to offer. The route runs along the Teutoburg Forest from Osnabrück to Paderborn. Whether forests, meadows, hills or towns: here you will find everything a cyclist's heart desires. Along the way, there are also numerous opportunities for hiking, picnicking and photography.

NRW is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts and offers a variety of fascinating cycling routes. Whether you want to enjoy the tranquillity of nature, explore culture or experience the vibrant life of the cities - here you are guaranteed to find the perfect route for your next departure.
07 juillet, 2023 — Marcel Ciesielski