Melon Snapback »Candy«

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You also want to wear your style aside from biking, without a Melon helmet? Then our new snapbacks with the six cool designs from our MOSAIQUE collection are just perfect for you!
„Ember“, „Candy“ and co. look trendy under the board flat visor, while our credo „No Brain, No Game“ shines brilliantly white, noble and sublime on the cap itself. 

Mix or match it: You’re totally into your „Green Mamba“ helmet? Then get the accompanying cap - match it! You’re wearing a „Frozen Lake“, but you’re also flirting with „Black Widow“? Then simply treat yourself to a cap design - mix it! No matter how you do it, it‘s definitely a cool look!

Here are the hard facts:

Melon 6-panel unisex snapback with our claim „No Brain, No Game“ as high-quality 3D embroidery on the front and subtle Melon logo as 2D embroidery on the back. Black cap made of 100% cotton, light grey flat visor made of suede/alcantara, one size fits all, adjustable via stable seven-step hole band.

Visor undersides feature the respective designs of our „MOSAIQUES“ helmet collection: Ember (red/yellow), Bumblebee (yellow/black), Black Widow (grey/black), Green Mamba (green), Frozen Lake (blue) and Candy (pink/blue).