Melon® Helmets has received an array of safety and design awards. Our stylish and lightweight helmets have earned multiple awards like the Eurobike Winner Award and the Red Dot Design Winner Award, and was best-tested in many other publications. Scroll down for more information!


Another great test result for Melon Helmets – This time: Bike Bild's helmet test 2019.

"Racing stripes, bowling ball or the melon that gives it its name: the Urban Active is available in over 50 different designs and colours. You have to like the melon shape, though. We liked the above-average soft padding, in comparison the Urban Active is relatively broad. For a helmet in skater look the model of Melon is very light.

Melon leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to looks, everyone should find their favourite model here. The inner values are also right, reflective straps and a magnetic buckle are an additional pleasure."


Cycle magazin chose Melon as the test winner in the category ‘Urban Helmets’.  Here’s what they said:

“Fancy helmet with a lot of functionality:  The adjustment to the individualhead circumference is regulated by the spin dial at the back. The side straps are adjusted to the correct fit. Breathable paddings lie comfortably on the head. Thanks to the magnetic buckle, the chin strap can be operated easily with one hand. An air flow system with twelve ventilation holes provides a great cooling, and reflective elementson straps and logo provide additional safety. Also the helmet is particularly light in comparison with other brands.“ 


The Konsument testers examined 18 helmets of popular manufacturers on a much stricter basis than ever before. In this latest test, only three helmets scored “good”, with Melon as the winner. The helmets were tested in a range of categories: ‘accident protection’, ‘handling’, ‘comfort’, ‘heat resistance’ and ‘chemicals’, using the European standard for bicycle helmets CE EN 1078. This new method of testing gauged how well the forehead and temple are protected by the helmet, and whether the forehead is subject to rotational movement during the fall. Both scenarios have a major influence on the severity of injuries.  

The test winner was Melon, which also stood out for its “handling and comfort”. Melon also achieved a surprising result in the sub-category “ventilation”. Just one other helmet ventilated as well as Melon did. Despite the closed helmet shell this result is almost in the racing bike helmet league.


The well-known independent German magazine „aktiv Radfahren“ has tested twelve bicycle helmets, issue 04/2015. The test was a lab test according to the EU standard EN1078 and was supported by helmet experts of Cratoni.

The Melon® Urban Active helmet received the mark „very good minus“ and the explicit recommendation of the magazine.It is the third-best helmet in the test and the best urban bicycle helmet with a closed helmet shell.


An international, high profile jury of 40 experts awarded the Melon® helmet collection the Red Dot Award for outstanding design and product features. To be the winner out of 4,815 entries from 53 countries is a very special award for Melon® Helmets. From its inception, Melon had the conviction that lifestyle helmets should not only have great visual qualities, but also be designed to deliver a feel-good factor, real comfort, and safety!

How Melon® rated on Red Dot Evaluation Criteria

1. Degree of Innovation

Melon® „Urban Active“ helmets achieve a symbiosis of retro design and high-tech. Melon® preserved the look of the popular skate shell from the 80’s and made it contemporary with much greater functionality. The in-mold process and reinforced polycarbonate construction is at least 30% lighter than other helmets with a closed shell construction.

2. Functionality

The Melon® Urban Active helmet offers a high level of comfort, safety and easy use. Natural ventilation is provided via MACS (Melon® Airflow Channel System).
In every head position12 air openings run parallel along the longitudinal axis of the Head, ensure optimal airflow. Further channels inside the helmet direct airflow via several axes and radii to approximately 75% of the covered head surface.

A secure individual and comfortable setting is achieved through the use of a stable spin-dial adjuster on the back of the helmet, plus washable COOLMAX® foam padding in three strengths. The patented magnetic Fidlock® buckle offers easy, one hand operation even with wet or cold fingers. Further it prevents pinching the skin when closing, in contrast to conventional closure systems.

The 3M® reflective logo stickers and straps ensure 360° reflectivity. Chinstrap adjusters provide a secure individual belt adjustment. The in-mold direct cast anchor straps inside the EPS shell offer a large surface connection to the helmet.

3. Ergonomics

Melon allows the user to select from three helmet shell sizes, three different sized, breathable Coolmax® foam paddings. The addition of a spin-dial adjuster enables maximum ergonomic adaptation to every individual head shape. The chinstrap adjusters on either side allow an individual adjustment for correct front and rear belt geometry through securely locking down on the strap. 

4. Symbolic and Emotional Content

Melon is an obvious metaphor for the head. The origin of the brand name Melon® is in the English expression ‘Watch your Melon!’, in combination with the natural shape of a watermelon. Melon® helmets are available in 43 styles and colours. 

5. Product Periphery

The Melon® Urban Active helmet was constructed in such a way that the mounting points for the Melon® Vista Visor have been directly integrated into the shell. This allows for optimal mounting and additional impact protection. 

6. Self-explanatory Quality

The handling of the helmet is largely self-explanatory even without a manual. Details, such as the opening direction of the magnetic closure, correct positioning on the head, or even the thickness of the different cushion elements, are clearly visible. This is achieved simply by having the required information on the product, in the right place.

7. Ecological Compatibility

The Melon® packaging and display concept takes into account natural materials and environmentally friendly processing techniques such as natural cardboard, water-based inks and untreated wood elements for the display units. 


Germany - Essen, June 2014. The Eurobike 2013 and Red Dot 2014 award winning Melon® Urban Active Helmet is one of the twelve most sold helmet brands in Switzerland. As such our helmet has been tested by the Swiss TV Magazine “Kassensturz”, the Swiss “Velojournal”, and “saldo”. Others to be included in the test were brands such as Scott, Giro, Uvex, Bern, POC, Kask
Being ranked and tested against our competitors, our own Melon® Urban Active Helmet scored highly in “practical use” and “safety” resulting in an end score of 5 points! Kassensturz: “Especially Melon is convincing among the lifestyle helmets"


Melon® won the Oscar of the international Bike Industry, the Eurobike Award.
The Melon “Urban Active” helmet impressed the Grand Jury with its lightweight construction, design and safety features.