Ich bin ein Berliner

The Arts of Cultures #04 – ICH BIN EIN BERLINER invites artists to create the first Berlin Helmet of cycle culture

The Arts of Cultures program by Melon® Helmets is about a dialogue between Melon® and different cultures. This generates respect and creates creativity on both sides. This is fertile soil for a long brand friendship.

Art has always promoted an intercultural dialogue. An everyday object like a bicycle helmet is an abstract but attractive medium for artists. There is nearly no medium that has a higher exposed visibility like a helmet on a head, a great stage for arts and messages.

In 2013 we presented the “The Arts of Cultures by Melon” program at the Eurobike for the first time. In cooperation with the Hungarian Partizan Art Studios and Gallery young Hungarian artists had painted 24 Melon® Urban Active Helmets. As a result the everyday object helmet turned into a stage for annual updated cultural messages.

In the metropolis Berlin Melon® act jointly with the Berlin Bicycle Week starting the Arts of Cultures #04 “Ich bin ein Berliner”. We expect creatively designed helmets, bringing to expression that the brain is our most important organ.

This is an invitation for all artists, designers and creative brains, to be a part of it.

For the reason that the program doesn’t remain an abstract art idea of a helmet, Melon® Helmets will produce a limited edition of the winner helmet of „Ich bin ein Berliner“.
10 Euros of every sold „Ich bin ein Berliner“ Helmet will be donated to local, non-profit purposes.

How can I take part?

1) Registrate via E-mail:
2) We will send you a white Melon® Helmet
3) You work out your idea and send your finished helmet back to us until May 31st, 2015
4) 17 designs will be picked out and nominated by Melon® Helmets in due consideration of composition and practicability on June, 15th, 2015
5) The nominated designs will be presented at the website of Melon® Helmets & Melon® Facebook page with a direct link to the artist’s profile
6) The best realization will be chosen by voting until July, 31st, 2015

The artists are awaiting prizes worth more than 2200,- EUR.
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1st place: 500,- EUR + Melon® “Urban Active” Helmet + Single Speed Bike
2nd place: 200,- EUR + Melon® “Urban Active” Helmet
3rd place: 100,- EUR + Melon® “Urban Active” Helmet
4th-17th place: Melon® “Urban Active” Helmet