Melon® sets benchmark in Urban Cycling


Germany - Essen, June 2014. The Eurobike 2013 and Red Dot 2014 award winning Melon® Urban Active Helmet is one of the twelve most sold helmet brands in Switzerland. As such our helmet has been tested by the Swiss TV Magazine “Kassensturz”, the Swiss “Velojournal”, and “saldo”. Others to be included in the test were brands such as Scott, Giro, Uvex, Bern, POC, Kask.

The test was carried out by the independent and trusted EMPA Institution. We are happy to announce for the safety of all consumers, that all tested eight racing bike and four urban bike helmets fulfil the European Safety Standard CE EN-1078!
Being ranked and tested against our competitors, our own Melon® Urban Active Helmet scored highly in “practical use” and “safety” resulting in an end score of 5 points! Kassensturz: “Especially Melon is convincing among the lifestyle helmets!”

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Empa Test Melon Helmets

Melon® Helmets – company story:

The European sports brand Melon® Helmets ( was founded by brothers David and Michal Cervenka. The Melon® headquarters are in Essen, Germany. Already the Melon® Urban Active Helmet was awarded with the international well respected Eurobike Award and Red Dot Winner Product Design Award.



The brand distribution company Melon World GmbH based in Europe’s largest metropolitan area has been developing, marketing and distributing special brands in the “fashion, protection and mobility” segment since 2006.
Based on a new understanding of bicycle culture and urban mobility, the team offers a coordinated portfolio for style conscious urbanites in the categories of bicycle, e-mobility, roller sports, lifestyle and sports and protective accessories. Hereby the team uses its own experiences from seven years spent working in helmet and brand distribution as well as from intensive cooperation with different cycling communities, sponsored team riders and the international dealers. The essence of all the insights gained was taken into consideration in the development of the Melon® Urban Active Helmet. “Melon® offers the cycling community a helmet with which you can identify on a multi-dimensional level as it represents a stylish and comfortable safety accessory of the highest technical level. The brand and design concept surprises and entertains to an equal extent which also leads to those who would normally not be interested in helmets developing an interest in safety in road traffic. We address the target group emotionally, our motto is our programme:
“No brain no game!” says Michal Cervenka. His brother David adds: “Melon® is the result of an evolution true to the motto, “Form follows function” with the aim of offering a cost efficient, high quality and diverse helmet with high tech features for the internationally new urban mobility needs – the people’s helmet.”
The brand name comes from the English expression, “Watch your Melon!”, the creative “Melon Helmet community” and the natural properties of the watermelon known as the “armour-plated berry”. The melon is, therefore, the perfect metaphor for the head, which is also documented online by the many humorous images of “Melonites” found under the search term “Melon Helmets”.

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* Melon® Urban Active XXS-S 250g, SET UP excl. Spin Dial, with Spin Dial 260g

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