Eurobike IF Award 2013 for Melon Helmets

We did it and won the Oscar of the international Bike Industry, the Eurobike Award 2013. The Melon “Urban Active” helmet satisfied the grand Jury with it’s lightweight construction. Congratulations to all award winners of the various categories!

Many thanks to all supporters, like the awesome Melon-Team, Florian, Amy, Christoph, Bob, Patrick, Eli, Mr. Hendel, Rüdiger, Matthias “Itzi” with Betti and all Melonists and Melonettes, who believed in our vision!

We like to send a big “thank you” as well to our dealers for their time and feedback in interviews, on shows and at the phone and of course for your trustful pre orders, to bring many Melons early to market.

All of you are a part of our Melon-Story and this Award. We are happy to look in a common future for more adventures with great products and programs as a result.

Big fresh hug, Michal

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