Melon Design Hero Award

ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation and Melon Helmets search for the coolest bicycle helmet design in Germany and start the Melon Design Hero school competition

Essen, 14 March 2013 - For the first time, the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation and Melon Helmets are offering the "Melon Design Hero School Competition by ZNS", the creative prize for cool and safe bicycle and skate helmets. The starting signal for the nationwide competition is 21.3.2013.

The task is simple: pupils at secondary schools are invited to create cool designs for a bicycle and skate helmet shell either in the classroom under the direction of the teachers or on their own. The declared aim is to involve young people in the graphic design of a helmet design and to inspire them to wear it.

Registration and information on the competition can be found at
The deadline for submitting design proposals is 1 August 2013.
The winners of the competition can look forward to great prizes and the best: The winning designs from the class and individual scores will be produced and sold in limited editions. For each helmet sold, 10 euros are donated to the prevention work of the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation.

An essential task of the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation is the prevention work in the area of schools, because annually almost 70,000 young people between 6 and 20 years suffer a craniocerebral injury in Germany. Helga Lüngen, Managing Director of the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation, explains: "The awareness of wearing a helmet while cycling has increased. However, especially in this age group the attractiveness of the helmet plays a decisive role".

At Ispo 2013, the leading international trade fair for sports and lifestyle in Munich, the sports helmet brand Melon® presented a new type of helmet for the first time: the "Urban Active Helmet". The inventors and makers are the team from Intelligent Mobility GmbH in Essen, Germany, which has been known in the professional world for seven years for new impulses in the lifestyle sports helmet market. Since 2008 they have been supporting the prevention work of the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation. The findings of this cooperation have inspired and influenced the development of the new Melon helmet collection in detail.

Michal Cervenka, developer & managing director of Melon Helmets, explains: "One of our most important goals is to inspire cyclists with the helmet in a playful and emotional way and, as a result, also with voluntary use. We want to achieve the identification of the pedalist community with a fashionable safety accessory that appeals to children and teenagers and that parents like to set an example. This is only possible with a cool helmet with optimum wearing comfort and maximum safety".

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