The ZNS Design Hero winners are determined!

For the first time the ZNS - Hannelore Kohl Foundation and the sports helmet brand Melon® Helmets award the Melon® Design Hero Prize by ZNS, the creative prize for cool & safe bicycle and skate helmets. 


The starting signal for the nationwide competition was last year and the task was simple: pupils at secondary schools were to design cool designs for a bicycle and skate helmet shell either in the classroom under the direction of the teachers or on their own.
The first prize in the class evaluation category now goes to class 9F of the Bockmühle Comprehensive School in Essen. In the individual category, Tim S. from Rimbach won the prize for the best helmet design.
A total of over 500 design drafts were submitted to the competition and 18 classes from all over Germany took part. What is very special and unique in this form is that the two first-placed helmet designs are produced in limited editions and then sold with a ZNS donation of 10 euros per helmet. Michal Cervenka, co-founder of Melon® Helmets, explains: "We are overwhelmed by the variety of ideas and the many creative designs sent to us by the students. With the Design Hero competition, we want to inspire young people to wear helmets by exploring the graphic design of a helmet design".
It is already clear that the Design Hero should have a lasting effect and that is why the new competition round will start on March 20. Until 1.8.2014, classes and pupils at secondary schools can again submit their helmet designs nationwide.

And the winner is…
Essener Gesamtschüler designen den coolsten Fahrradhelm

Preisübergabe Design Hero
Essen comprehensive school pupils design the coolest bicycle helmet
Award ceremony Design Hero
When the door to the classroom of the 10F at the Bockmühle Comprehensive School in Essen opened and several people with a colourful bicycle helmet and cameras entered the class, the pupils were completely unsuspecting and speechless for a short time. Then they remembered the bicycle helmet designs they had developed with their teacher Mrs. Felshart in art class and their joy was huge when Michal Cervenka from Melon® Helmets and Helga Lüngen from the ZNS Hannelore Kohl Foundation told them that with the sun yellow flower helmet "Blossom Time" they had become the Design Heroes 2013 in the category class evaluation. The students were not only delighted with the honour they received, but also with the invitation to a mountain bike workshop in the Bikepark Winterberg and a set of Melon® bicycle helmets.