7th - Sonja Zeltner-Müller

Sonja Zeltner-Müller

Sonja Zeltner-Müller, born 1964 in Reutlingen, worked after an apprenticeship in advertising as a freelancer in advertising agencies and publishing houses. After studying painting and graphic design at the IBBK Bochum, she now works as a freelance artist.

"My idea for the helmet “Witches” plays with the mobility of bicycles in the city traffic - Dance of the Witches - the color orange is striking, the rough application of color is inspired by street and urban art."


The Arts of Cultures – Art as a key for dialogue of cultures

The heart of the brand Melon® is the dialogue with global cultures and markets, where Melon is delivered to. This creates respect and creativity on both sides and is a fertile soil for a long brand friendship. “Arts as the international language will show us the fascinating different profiles and styles of each country,” says Michal Cervenka, Co-Founder of Melon®.

On the Eurobike 2013 the first Arts of Cultures Collection was presented by the art agency & gallery Partizan from Budapest, Hungary. In Summer 2014 artists from Romania had created fascinating helmets artworks, which were exhibited on the Eurobike 2014. Just right now the 3rd part of the program “The Ruhr Metropolis Helmet” is shown in virtual gallery.

A crash helmet is protective gear, a fashion item and a work of art at the same time. Underneath the helmet there is a personality, memories and creative ideas, which suddenly all have come to surface by the artists sending out their messages through this work.

Melon® invites all target markets to take part in creating a global profile of design tendencies and trends of different cultures during the next years.

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