"I was born and raised in the city of Thessaloniki! Coming from Kalamaria.
Beginning as a b-boy in '85 ... in the streets of the city of Alexandroupolis, member of the SGBCREW (Skra Getto Boys), a crew of friends ... the oldest and greatest grafiiti crew of all time (still active ..!) .
In 2011 .. STYLE still MATTERS and drive to another level ... Tattoo & ArtStudio was created by putting together the pieces of friendship, fantasy, artistic view, skill and knowledge together in a puzzle.
Because STYLE is all that MATTERS."


The Arts of Cultures – Art as a key for dialogue of cultures

Essen, Germany & Athens, Greece, July 2017:
The multi-awarded brand Melon® from Germany starts a partnership with UrbanAct & BikeArt from Greece and brings act #05 of the international art program “The Arts of Cultures” to their home country.

In 2013 Melon® presented “The Arts of Cultures by Melon®” program at the Eurobike for the first time.
In cooperation with the Hungarian Partizan Art Studios and Gallery young Hungarian artists painted 24 plain white Melon® helmets with a breathtaking result: the everyday object helmet turned into a stage for cultural messages.

Annually updated TAOC collaborations followed with helmet collections from Romania, the Metropolis Ruhr and Berlin. Every helmet created is an amazing piece of art inspired by the backgrounds, surroundings, landscapes, culture and people the artists face every day.
Since the start in 2013 the different TAOC collections have travelled all over the globe and have been gazed by thousands of art inspired and bicycle addicted people.

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