We are exited and grateful for all participating artists for their love and their passion
they have spent to create stunning designs for the ARTS OF CULTURES 2017 GREECE Helmet contest.
This year we were lucky to collaborate with Bikeart.gr.
So in 2017 we have a bunch of high-quality partcipants, like Siemor, Sophia Argyros,
Kiriakos Dsts, Geo-X, Live2, Vaggelis Zafeiropoulis, Tam, Rino, Mike Karolos, Kez, Apset,
Jasone, Christina Tsvei, Dynoz, Foxy Lady, Folis Dehivandis, Dreyk, Johnny Raindog,
Jamer, Miltos Bottis, Same84, Corn studio, SIVE and Tomek.
Now we are happy to show you the last 17 designs which were nominated by the jury for the final Voting.

The creativity and diversity our greek artists have shown in their designs is an amazing response
to our favourite cultural exchange.
To choose one of them as the winner is, like every year is the most difficult part for us, because we fell in love with each of them and we know how difficult it is to evaluate personal and individual style.
For us every design in this competion could be the winning one. So please support us to find the winner of ARTS OF CULTURES 2017 GREECE and leave one like for your personal favourite helmet design.
The winning design will be the one with the most likes and will be offered in a limited edition of 300 pieces for cyclists and street art lovers in 2018.

Among all voting participants we will give away one helmet for free!
We will inform the winners as soon as the competition is over.

So thumbs up and please spread the awesome arts and the contest out to the world!
Fresh regards,
your Melon® Team

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