The Arts of Cultures France 2018
We feel honored about this great partnership with the MUSÉE D'ART ET D'INDUSTRIE in St. Etienne and sincerely invite French artist to participate in the Arts of Cultures France 2018. Since 2013, this program is a dialogue between Melon and various cultures, in a respectful collaboration that awakens the creativity and attention of three parties and showcases intercultural attitudes and trends. Art has always encouraged intercultural dialogue. An ordinary object such as a bicycle helmet is an abstract but interesting support for artists. No other support is as visible as a helmet on a head: it is the ideal place to exhibit works of art and messages. See some examples of recent Arts Of Cultures contests in the EU and find more details on our homepage.

Registration form and more details: The Arts of Cultures France 2018

Good luck and stay tuned
Fresh regards,
your Melon® Team