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Toddler Rainbow Green

MELON® Toddler Helmets: Safety, function & style – For babies only.

Exclusive revolutionary safety technology for the smallest of the cycling community between 12 to 36 Months by Melon. New extra save X-FIX strap system for our babies. Each Melon Toddler helmet offers a specific developed baby shell with 360° reflectivity, integrated taillight, divider lock, specific anti skin pinch magnetic buckle for Baby jaw, breathable Pads, size XXS 44 – 50cm. Optional Vista Visor or Speed Visor.

X-Fix – the Roll-Off-Protection Safety System

New, unprecedented safety by means of roll off protection. With this exclusive Melon technology the helmet remains in the right position even in extreme situations. Compared to conventional helmet strap systems with adjusting wheel in the back, X-Fix prevents the helmet from being torn off during a fall and distributes occuring forces optimally.

X-Fix-Wing & Integradted Taillight

The name X-Fix is derived from the Melon X-Fix-Wing, which crosses the straps at the transition from head to neck (at the cranio- cervical transition) and also gives an optimal protection for the sensitive neck area of the wearers.

The Melon taillight integrated into the X-Fix-Wing is self-suf cient in one of the most visible positions a cyclist offers, the back head.

Simple, intuitive and permanent setting – The Melon Divider Lock

The new adjustable divider locks on the side straps can be adjusted intuitively, easily and permanently even by untrained users.

Comfortable strap geometry & 360° reflectivity

The crosswise guidance of the straps at the rear head opens up entirely new possibilities of adjustment for a very pleasant wearing comfort plus 360° re ectivity by woven in re ective yarn in straps in conjunction with 3M logo stickers.
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